Can we remove a tattoo or is it forever?

Can we remove a tattoo or is it forever?

Fortunately for everyone, today tattoos can be permanently or partially removed, later on we
will explain why.

Laser technicians must provide information prior to the start of sessions about side effects, time between session and the session in general, warnings and aftercare. The patient must always sign a consent form.
According to the skin type the technician will use one energy or another.

How are tattoos removed?

The energy impacts on the skin of the patient and is transformed into heat to be absorbed by the pigments. This heat consumes the structure of the pigments by fragmenting them and these are eliminated by the lymphatic system. In each session we must use glasses suitable for the treatment and we will never be able to look directly at the laser light. For those who no longer want to see their old or badly done tattoo can eliminate it up to 98%, in a maximum of 12 sessions, there are always exceptions. For those thinking of a cover it will lower the tone of the tattoo to enable the cover

Are all tattoos removed in the same way?

No. Everything will depend on color, size, location, depth and age. There are colors like light blue and green that are more difficult to remove than black and dark blues for example. If the tattooist was amateur it would easier to eliminate than that of a professional. The area where the tattoo is to be removed also influences, because of the situation of the lymph nodes, it is easier to be removed from an arm and higher part of the back because it is closer to these nodes, the faster the pigment molecules are adsorbed.