Does the tattoo studio comply with the regulations and standards?

Does the tattoo studio comply with the regulations and standards?

When you enter a tattoo studio for the first time you don’t notice details such as the diplomas or qualifications. It’s really about the sensation that you get while in the studio and while talking to the guys about your tattoo project.

The second time you go to the studio you begin to notice details such as qualifications hanging on walls or in visible places. The most important is the hygiene certificate which is mandatory but is different in each community. There is no official tattoo qualification given by the Junta de Andalucía or other communities, as it is not regulated. Each tattooist is responsible for their own education in the world of tattooing, that is, courses, seminars, workshops etc. which help to better the artist and renew your knowledge.

If you have an opening license you have already passed the regulations of the city in question.

In summary, if the studio is open, it is normal that they comply with the regulations.

Once you have agreed on a tattoo you will see that the material is new and disposable, he will open it in front of you because it is sterilized. At this time you will notice that the studio is clean and free of dust.

You will see if the professional uses the appropriate clothing to tattoo i.e. puts on gloves and maybe a mask, that is normal.

Before starting work, the client is informed both of the procedure and aftercare and will be asked to signed a consent form.