Is painful to have a tattoo?

Is painful to have a tattoo?

Is it painful having a tattoo? What parts of the body are less and more painful?

Since the first tattoos that were done with homemade machines, which were made from a motor, a spoon, an elastic and a nail, the amount of pain has changed a lot.

The machines of today, are lighter, are made by professionals who are dedicated to making the best machine. Nowadays tattoo artist is better prepared so not to cause damage the skin and consequently cause less pain.

The pain perceived will depend on your pain threshold which is the sensation in which we feel pain and is different for each individual. As well as our tolerance to pain and our capacity as humans to tolerate the pain.

At the same time dopamine is released , a substance that is produced by the brain and is considered to cause pleasure because it regulates motivation and desire in us which causes us to repeat some behaviors, it is released with pleasant or unpleasant stimuli. Consequently
here are people who suffer much discomfort and for others it is enjoyable and perhaps addictive.

We can give a map of pain according to the areas of the body. This is a study done with our clients in general, less pain was felt in the arms, forearms and legs. The back, calf, inner thighs and abdomen can cause more pain.
The most painful areas are the neck, fingers and feet. For the bravest, the inner arm area and inner area of the thigh, ribs, spine and ankles. Usually the bone areas cause pain.
When tattooing over a scar we have two groups. When the skin is thick we don’t usually feel anything, in general the area is numb so we don’t feel pain. However, when the skin is finer and damaged, it can be a little more painful. Obviously if we have a bad day or in the case of women being on their period they would be more sensitive which could cause more pain.