Nd-yag laser

TATTOOME will be offering the Nd-yag laser tattoo removal. Come in and say hello if you are interested in learning more about it.

Eliminación de Tatuajes

How does the laser work
and does it remove the pigments?


What happens with the Nd-yag is that the energy impacts on the skin, and transformimg into heat to be absorbed by the pigments.

This heat consumes the structure of the pigments by fragmenting them, thereby facilitating the body to eliminate them through the lymphatic system.

How many sessions
do you need to remove a tattoo?

First of all it will depend on the color. If it is black or dark blue it will need fewer sessions than if it is green or blue.

The nummer of sessions will also depend on whether the tattoo was done by a professional or an amateur.

When can I get the laser done
if I don’t like my tattoo?

It would be three months after you got your tattoo.

What other treatments
can we do with the Nd-yag laser?

· Micropigmentation removal

· Elimination of skin blemishes

· Facial rejuvenation

and recommendations

· Don't use laser if you are a patient with heart, liver, kidney, cancer, pregnancy or lactating, and lupus problems

· And don't use laser if you are a patient who take photosensitive medications regularly with a minimum of 48 hours after taking it.

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Silvia Sierra