Welcome to Tattoo Me

In Tattoo Me we are qualified professionals in tattooing, piercing and micro-pigmentation. 

We have done many courses and workshops to become more experienced and qualified in this profession we love.


We offer you our custom tattoo studio. We are devoted to creating customized designs for each client. We work in a clean and friendly environment and only used disposable material.


Rejuvenates, visually reaffirming the eyelids and lips with a lifting effect. You’ll always be ready for any meeting or party. Some minor touches in the right places are enough to make a huge change.


If you want to get a piercing this is your place. We pierce with disposable needles and tweezers for each specific area. We use cold anesthesia so it doesn’t hurt. We do tongue eyebrow, lip, ear etc.

Remove tattoo

With the Nd-yag laser tattoo removal the energy impacts on the skin, and transformimg into heat to be absorbed by the pigments.



You give us our inspiration: we are up to date on the latest trends and techniques for the best selection of tattoos.

We can always give you what you want.


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If you want an appointment or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will always be happy to help.


Johan Espinoza

tattoo Artist

I am passionate about my work. I am self-taught and it is what keeps me alive. I'm always researching and working every day to improve and give my best to everyone of my customers.

Silvia Sierra

tattoo Artist

Tattooing is not just a job for me, I leave a little of myself in every line, always trying to grasp the ideas of my clients to reflect in there tattoos.