Embellecimiento, perfección, armonía, volumen óptico, arreglar imperfecciones, perfilar la silueta, modificar su dibujo

sensuality and atractive

Lips are the most sensual point of our face. Highlighting their appeal is the role of the Micro-Pigmentation. The current fashion is for thick and sensual lips has increased their demand. But we cannot forget that besides aesthetics, Micro-pigmentation can correct imperfections and improve the appearance of lips and small wrinkles.

Done with natural results and with the most popular soft shades.

Eye Liner
Elegant and Naturality

The natural look is above all the most important aspect. We must not replace the eyeliner we normally use as it would give an artificial appearance. Nor should we use fancy colors, but natural and discreet.

Perfection and Armony

Perfection and Harmony is important at any age. Micro-pigmentation is used to correct asymmetries and imperfections. For those who need to make up their eyebrows daily for alopecia, micro-pigmentation is a must.

We use the lifting effect for people between the ages of 45 and 65, to reshape the optical structure of the eyelids by redesigning the shape of the eyebrows.

The technique preformed is using hair strokes and we use natural colors that harmonize with your hair, eyes and skin type.

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