When a person enters a tattoo studio for the first time, they almost never ask about qualifications or permits because they are really going to get a feeling and ask questions about their project, whether they were well looked after and if they liked what they saw.

The second time he goes to the studio he already starts to detail the titles hanging on walls or in visible places. The most important one is actually the sanitary hygienic certificate, which is compulsory by law and is different in each community. There is not yet an official title from the Andalusian regional government or in other communities, it is not regulated. Each tattooist will be responsible for his or her own education in the world of tattooing, i.e. seminars and workshops that he or she can attend to refresh or learn.

If it also has an opening licence, it has already passed through the regulations of the municipality in question. It can also be found in the Historical Register of the Boja of the Junta de Andalucía.

In short, if the studio is open, it normally complies with the regulations.

Once on site, you will have to observe whether the equipment is new and disposable or whether it is unpacked in front of you because it is sterile. If the place is clean and dust-free.

If the practitioner wears the appropriate clothing for tattooing and puts on gloves or a mask, which are mostly used regularly and the practitioner does this as a matter of course.

Before starting a tattoo, the client is already informed about the procedure and the aftercare and has to sign a consent form.